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By Phillip Phillips

Chords: Am,C,C/e,F,G,G/b,G/d
Like Jesus Does
By Eric Church

Chords: A,Bm,D,G
Sure Be Cool If You Did
By Blake Shelton

Chords: B,E,F#,G#m
All Around The World
By Justin bieber

Chords: Am,Bm,C,Em
By Rihanna

Chords: Am,C,Dm,Em,F,G
More Than Miles
By brantley gilbert

Chords: A,Bm,D,Em7,G
By Pink

Chords: a,Am,C,F,G
Lego House
By Ed sheeran

Chords: C,D,Em,G,G/b
Gangnam Style
By Psy

Chords: Am,E,F,G,ga
Girl On Fire
By Alicia Keys

Chords: A,C#m,D,E,F#m
By Awolnation

Chords: Ab,Ebm,F,F#
By Rascal Flatts

Chords: A4,B,C#m,D,E,F#m
Two Black Cadillacs
By Carrie Underwood

Chords: Bb,C,Dm,F,G
Anywhere With You
By jake owen

Chords: A,B,C#,D,E
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